$ Gazebo Restaurant
$$ Cheeseburger in Paradise
$$ Maui Hard Rock Café
$$ Dollies
$$$ Dukes Beach House (Less for breakfast)
$$$ Bubba Gump’s
$$$ Café au Lei
$$$ Kimo’s downtown Lahaina
$$$$ Longhi’s
$$$$ Roy’s
$$$$ Mama’s Fish House
$$$$ Sands of Kahana (good, overpriced, convenient)

Jan’s Top Picks

Any kind of atmosphere or food you want, Maui has it. See Jan’s recommendations below and be sure to look in the book on the coffee table in your room for more hand picked suggestions.

Gazebo Restaurant

Make sure that you go to the Gazebo Restaurant for breakfast early in the trip. I say early because there will always be a trip or three back there. It is north of the Valley Isle Restaurant, turn left out of the parking lot. Drive up to Napili Shores Condos. Park your car in one of the Gazebo allowed spaces towards the back of the lot towards the ocean, or on Lower Honoapiilani Road if there isn’t a parking space open. Then walk towards the ocean and you’ll see it. Wait in the short, fast moving line, unless it is Sunday. (You may still want to wait). If you can get someone to save your place in line, check out the critters that have washed up into the lava pools during the night.

If the line is too long, or you are starving, then just drive up to The Plantation, where the food is great and the views are fabulous!

Gazeebo Restaurant Maui

The Beach House Bar and Grill

The restaurant right next door at the Sands of Kahana is nice too. Dollies (who owns the restaurant at Sands of Kahana) is right a cross the street is great if you have had too much activity in one day but still want good food. Not expensive. Think tropical “Cheers”. They are mostly locals but welcome the tourists.


Kimo’s downtown Lahaina is yummy! Moderate to expensive. Bubba Gump’s is so good!!! They have some great mix drinks. Not too expensive, the drinks can run up the bill some. Longhi’s is great. Expect to pay about $50 per person, more if you have drinks. Of course, there is the Maui Hard Rock Café – lots of fun!



If you want to really have a fancy dinner, go to Roy’s, kitty corner in the Kahana Gateway shopping center. This would be expensive, and well worth it. If you want one of the best meals you have or will ever eat, go to Mama’s Fish House. Also expensive. Go for lunch as it is cheaper than dinner and the view is better in the daylight. You might run into any number of famous people here!


Café au Lei

It is right next to Kimo’s, very good and has a great view!

Lahaina town & Whalers Village

There are tons of restaurants in Lahaina town and don’t forget . Any kind of atmosphere or food you want, Maui has it.


Cheeseburger in Paradise

For sure, don’t miss ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’. It may not really stand out to you, but it is world famous and you will see why when you sit back watching the ocean and eating one of those cheeseburgers. Not expensive.

401 Kitchen

Bring back the leftovers!

Don’t worry if you can’t finish dinner or lunch – you are staying in a condo with a microwave and oven! Leftovers are great when you are sitting on the lanai watching the ocean and relaxing!

 There are so very many good restaurants on Maui.  These are just some that are nearby and good.